Why Most People Will Remain Failures

Why Most People Will Remain Failures

Listen to this if you do not want to fail in life. The plumber at the end of this post read this book, or in this case, listened to it.

Most people will remain failures in achieving their dreams when they come to reality with themselves. Do you believe I am being harsh? I do not feel that way, because there are many people who pretend to be happy, and know when they sleep at night that they are unsatisfied with how their life is going. They long to be what they truly wish they could be, financially free, a musician, a poet, or something usually related to the arts, and now end up having to work as office manager at some restaurant chain. I personally do not know many people who wish to be office managers at random chain stores. Many people who want those careers are those who eventually wish to own their own corporations or own that corporation or rise to the corporation’s top management. Overall, there are not that many people who strive for that to be their end gain.


When starting off as children, many people I know say something cute like “I want to be an astronaut” or “I want to be president of the United States.” Obviously, the president of the United States dream may be something their dad spurred into the atmosphere, so the young girl or boy may inevitably not want to be president. The dreams change as they age further. As times move on, many children end up becoming the future doctors and lawyers, as is the case with those professions, whose members are determined to be those careers at a young age. Many hope to be something like a food taster or a national blogger, only to have their dreams shot at a young age by reality. Who determines this reality? People who had their dreams shot themselves, which is not limited to teachers and parents. The same parents who told their children to express their imagination are now the same parents who say that you need to be “real”.


I advise that you soul check, because that is a pain to deal with. How can the same parents lift their children up only to send them back down again? You want the children to achieve their wildest dreams, only to end up becoming something they do not want, such as a middle manager or a cashier. You let them become the street sweepers and janitors, knowing that they do not want to become that as a profession. If you want your children to be happy, it is best to give them the confidence and the assurance that you are here to watch them and keep them aspiring to achieve their dreams. As long as you are able to give them the confidence they need, you should be able to allow them to achieve their dreams, even though you believe they should stay “realistic”.


I personally believe that people should strive for what they want to achieve, no exceptions. If you want to be a poet, you need to do whatever it takes to be a legitimate poet. I have been able to make passive income, also known as cashflow, while being able to be a blogger. There are many people who become legitimate bloggers and can make a good income, such as Pat Flynn off of Smart Passive Income, so you can do the same. There is so much opportunity in the world to become what you want to be. After all, you hold the keys to what you want to be.


Follow this blog to get the advice and words you need to become a better version of yourself. While you are listening, you will see me grow and learn from my mistakes, because it is important for you to become a big voice in the world. As long as you listen to this blog, be sure to grow yourself. I would not like to grow, and you are left in the dust. I personally believe you can become somebody great if you are willing to put in the reps needed to become a great. Be sure to hit me up if you would like me to possibly return your email with some kind words. We can make it together.


By the way, just to not throw shade on those in some undesirable professions, it turns out there is a millionaire plumber in Bakersfield right here.


A Scientific Experience

Another topic on the importance of having a dream to garner that financial freedom boat. We are the ones who decide we will be the people that will become the millionaires, because we have the drive to stick through obstacle. Trust me. I was that guy, and ended up being that guy besides being told it was not possible. I also heard the phrase to “stay in school” when I offered that up. It was very odd, because why did the desire of wanting to become a millionaire have to correlate with the response “stay in school”?


I dug further into why those two phrases came together in tandem. It did not take too much digging for me to find out why they came up together. Before I asked, I wrote down my own hypothesis of why so many people would say to stay in school after mentioning my goals to become a millionaire. I believed they said so, because they wanted me to become a millionaire while going through school, possibly through becoming a doctor or a lawyer. After all, I have seen many doctors and lawyers with big houses that were worth millions of dollars, so it seemed they agreed with my dream of being a millionaire while going to school. I could have extrapolated more on why they should have said it, and I kept those opinions to myself. I came up with some alternate conclusions that they said “stay in school” as insurance against failure, and the dreadful hypothesis they said “stay in school” because I would inevitably fail, so they were essentially saying I should give up before I even start. I came to the last of the three hypotheses, because ¾ of the people I asked said “stay in school” in a hard, discouraging tone. Because I wanted to stay unbiased, I left the tone out of my official hypothesis, which is the one about becoming a millionaire through school as a doctor or lawyer. This is because people may wish the best for you and may be hard on you, and just sound like that. I like to think of Russians who are like that, because they can give the best advice and can sound as discouraging as ever. One of the people I asked the question to was a Russian. I did not include that into my results.


The results of my scientific experiment were very profound. They all essentially said the same thing. How did I get the information? I asked bluntly why the people said “stay in school” when I asked that I would becoming a millionaire. I got the same results amount ¾ of the candidates. They were not word-for-word the same, and it essentially matched up. Here are the results of the experiment and what they said.


“Being a millionaire is risky. Just stay in school and get a good job.”

“Being a millionaire means starting your own business, which is risky. Get a safe and secure job with lots of benefits. Then save your money until you have a million dollars.”

“Being a millionaire is hard. Stay in school and get a job. It is much easier.”

“Being a millionaire is great. It is possible, and you should stay in school while achieving it.” I further probed this one why she said “It is much easier.” She responded with a smile, saying because “It is easier to get a job through the school system and is riskier to start on your own for a business.”


The first 3 essentially said the same thing. The last one added some hope and confidence that I could succeed.


It is important to mention that the first three have occupations of school teachers, and the last one was involved in a plumbing business in the past and is not a teacher. The previous three had no previous business experience.

Goals and Dreams

Most people desire to be someone great when they grow up. Many people want to be recognized for all their achievements in life, because they are so special. Every person believes they are the most special thing in the world, and that they should be rewarded for all their efforts. It is some of the dumbest philosophies I have ever heard. No one is obligated to give anyone anything. When you see a homeless person on the street, when was the last time you ever felt obligated to give her something? When was the last time you ever felt that a homeless person was so special that you had to give them something?


This is not meant to sound like the homeless are not special. They are among the most vulnerable, so they are special. They need to be taken care of. I believe it was Jesus who said (in paraphrase) that “Whatsoever you do for the least, you do for Me.” Therefore, it is true that the least are exceptionally special, because Jesus is special. After all, he is the Savior of the world, and compared to Him, I have no worth. I do not even have negative worth, because compared to Him, I have none.


When I say that no one here is special is that many people do not feel obligated to service you because you feel as though you are special. Do not pretend like it is true. How would you eat if you did not go all the way to school and apply for a job or start your multimillion dollar business? Who would get you the car you want or give you all your dreams? Last time I checked, you applied for a job. You applied for benefits. No one sought you out, except maybe your parents if they wanted to children. Ouch. That hurts.


Do not get me wrong. I think I am special, because I have worked to get to where I am now. It is because of my work ethic that you are even reading this blog, seeing these words, and agreeing with me. It is because of the dedication I took to become a known figure. Now, this does not just apply to me. It applies to my business. I took my business from ground zero to now making me over $1,000 per month. It is a small start to a bright future. If you take offense, then maybe you will become stirred action, because sitting on your behind will never get you anything you want. You may be “special”; you have to let the world know you are special if you want to obtain anything in life. After all, I speak like it is.


You can choose to stay special and remain unappreciated by anyone but your parents.

Maybe your siblings.

Probably your grandparents.

Maybe your cousins. Now, that is a stretch.


You have the potential to become something great in life, if you are willing to get up and do something to be somebody. If not, you will probably wake up ten years in regret of doing nothing. You may lay on the sofa and be even sadder than you would have been if you would have started and failed. And you will never know if you fail if you never decide to start. And you never fail until you quit.


Use this time to rethink your life. Make a decision.

Goal Setting

There are many people that have goals and dreams that inevitably fail to reach all of them. Why is that? This is because they spend their times trying to enjoy life, instead of spending times attempting to reach their goals. There are many successful people that I read, and a lot of conferences that they say are calling there are many people that have goals and dreams that inevitably fail to reach all of them. Why is that? This is because they spend their times trying to enjoy life, and still spinning at times attempting to reach their goals. There are many successful people that I read, and a lot of conferences that they say are phrases like these.


You can’t hit a goal that you don’t set. This means that if you have a goal, it allows you to actually make movements and achievements to attain that goal. For example, if you’re on overweight person that weighs 2000 pounds, then you should set a goal to wait 1500 pounds. If you are a skinny person only weighs 20 pounds, that you should set a goal to weigh 100 pounds, and then set checkmarks of 50 pounds, 70 pounds, and 90 pounds. You will not be able to set a goal that you do not aim for. He will not be able to hit a goal that you do not set. Therefore, you should make every achievements of any item that you do a goal and target you can hit!


You need to be able to make anything and achievable target. If you ever want to become a millionaire, then you have to make achievements to make $1 million. If you do not aim to hit $1 million by a set time by set way, somehow, then you will not achieve $1 million. You must hate this shit is to strive to hit that $1 million. If you do not take


The time and effort to actually strategically decide to make $1 million, that you just want to hit it.


What is say that you decide to win the lottery or you have a vast inheritance from a family member. Even if you did get back, how do you be able to keep it? When you strive for $1 million, and then you know what it takes to hit $1 million. When you just get a big lump sum of money, then how will you be able to protect it? How will you be able to grow it? When you go for 1 million, then you know what it takes to get there, so even if you were to lose it all, you could always get a back again.


There is an importance in the article there is an importance in the articles I read, because they always give me a new insight that I need to learn. In order for you to learn what it takes to become a great person, you have to study the traits of other great people. For example, many great people that I’ve listen to how to laser vision focused when I came to reaching their goals. For those that do not appreciate them, they just ignore them moved on. It is always afterwards that they always give friends coming back and saying how they did it. This is always funny, because they ask how they did it, even though while they were in the grind, they were making fun of them.


One thing that you need to know in order to get to that next level that you wants is to always be sure that you have a laser vision and focus on your goals, and then you find every way to achieve them. This does not mean that I’m making $1 million is the best thing on the planet. This is just an example of what it means to set a goal that you in evidently are going to hit. If you’re going to spend your day finding out how to get your girlfriend, then you should do everything in your power to make a goal to hit your target of getting her girlfriend and finding out what it takes to get there. If you want to find out what it takes to make a special dish or culinary arts, then you should make every effort to find out how to get to that level of skill. If you want to be the person that’s the first want to graduate college and get a position that pays you over $200,000, then set your mind for that goal plus some, and then do everything you can to make that goal be a reality.


You will not go to target but you do not set, so I always have measurable targets that can be tallied up. You can set a lofty goal, as long as you can set targets that you can hit. If you want to make $2 million by next week, then you better have hardest hit 200,000, 400,000, 1 million, and so on and so on throughout the week. Always have something that you can measure, so that you can inevitably be effective. Even if you do not hate your goals, at least hate your targets throughout the goals in your fight to reach your goals. Like Grant Cardone said, it is way better to miss your target while reaching for a high and lofty goal, than to set low and lame goals that you may miss anyways. It is better to make $800,000 while reaching for $1 million instead of rich and $24,000 when aiming for $25,000. If you would’ve set a goal at $1 million and hit $500,000, then you would’ve blown pass for $25,000 goal Mark. Always set loftier goals, because life always throws more at you.


Remember, always set lofty goals and work to achieve those goals. You will get more done in the long run then if you decide to just work as hard as you can without a goal.